55 and starting life over! I've GOT to get it right this time!

In 1986, I finished college, got married, started my life as a military wife and became a mother 2 years later. I met lots of people who turned into friends and I was okay. We moved about 4 times in our 19 years of marriage. Then, this sister got DIVORCED! “Lord, what am I going to do now?”

Choice/Decisions: My girls and I moved to Raleigh, NC and I took a job as a Store Manager, which lead to me becoming a District Manager of 9 stores between North Carolina and Virginia, all while I'm dating the "Man of my Dreams! "I was on top of the world, or so I thought. My daughters are 10 and 12 and are becoming "Latch-Key Kids” and I'm not happy with this. I took a bad fall at work which kept me out for almost 6 months. “Lord, I need you to help me, guide me, please don't leave me.” My Daddy, who is my rock, mentor, confidant, and adviser said to come home. Louisiana bound we were!

Struggles: The first 6 months in Louisiana, I had no job, but was receiving disability from my previous job. “Thank you, Lord!”Then, I began to notice that my Daddy couldn't remember people's names, how to get to certain places, and would ask me the same questions over and over. We took him to the doctor and he was later diagnosed with Alzheimer's. 3 days later, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis! “Lord, this is getting to be a bit much. I need you to help me, guide me and never leave me.” My daughters weren't happy, but were afraid to tell me so my focus was heavily on them and ensuring that I was being the "perfect" mommy. My oldest graduated from college in 2009 and I was so proud that she did it! 5 years later, I had a massive heart attack and needed a triple bypass surgery immediately! “Lord, what is it that you're trying to tell and or show me?” I now have this ugly scar in the middle of my chest that I was so embarrassed about!

Reality: Who's going to want to see me intimately with this scar? I rarely wore anything that revealed it. I was in Walmart and this guy kept on watching me for about 3 aisles. I finally asked him "Why are you staring at me?”. His response, " Did you have heart surgery? I know because my mother had one 1 month ago and passed away 2 weeks later". With tears rolling down my face, I expressed my condolences and shared with him how I was ashamed of my scar. He said with tears, "Your scar is your testimony that you're alive, use it!" He gave me a hug and he left.

Today: I share my story with everyone! I mentor 6 young ladies in my Facebook group: Secret Circle of Sistah Girls! I'm starting my Blog in a few weeks! I try to encourage, inspire, motivate everyone that graces my page! We're having our first event with the young ladies at the end of this month and it's going to be AMAZING!

Lesson: God has NEVER left me and He'll NEVER leave me! Reflecting on the past, I needed to be back home to take care of my parents. God knew what was going on with my health and what would be best for me. Even through my trials and struggles, He has renewed my strength, my faith, and my trust, and my love for Him is forever! Sometimes you have to go through to get to! Every day, most of us come into contact with women who are suffering and that sometimes gives us an empty feeling in our hearts, but helping others helps ourselves. I encourage you to help that lady that seems to be going through something. I raised my daughters by myself, I've put them through college, I'm working towards buying my carriage house in 2 years, I bought my second new car last year, I'm taking care of my parents and I'm getting back to my happy! Side by side and heart to heart, I am my sister's keeper. I am She!

<3 Vette <3

Not So Simply Vette