Are you running on empty because you are constantly caring for others, but struggling to find time to care for yourself? Have you lost your identity somewhere within your titles (wife, mother, girlfriend, caretaker, employee, entrepreneur…)? Have you mistakenly placed your confidence in the hands of others and want to get it back? Have past disappointments stolen your hopes and beliefs that you are good enough to create the life of your dreams? Have you lost sight of what’s most important in your life and want to get refocused? Are you ready to get back to or become the self-assured, bold, radiant, energetic, and magnetic woman you were born to be?

Self-love is not selfish. In fact, it is a major key to consistently achieving success and winning in all areas of your life. Investing in your personal development is the greatest act of self-love. 30 Days of Life-Changing Love is a 4-week online empowerment experience created to help you reaffirm your worth, replenish your power, and realign with your best self. For a change, this is one thing you can have and do JUST FOR YOU. Throughout this course, you will explore and find more ways to love yourself, value yourself, feel confident in yourself, and believe in yourself so that you can attract the relationships, experiences, and opportunities you desire and deserve.

Lead by Award-Winning Empowerment Coach and She Wins Society Founder, Andromeda Raheem, 30 Days of Life-Changing Love will take you on a journey of self-discovery where you will find that the keys to your happiness and success have been inside of you all along. You will discover greater appreciation for yourself, your purpose in life, and the divine path you are walking. Andromeda wholeheartedly believes in you and your potential, so her goal is to help you to tap into the winner within. Through lessons and assignments, empowerment coaching sessions, and daily affirmations, this experience is guaranteed to refuel your ambitions, refresh your soul and spirit, and rejuvenate your passion for life. Your life will be forever changed by the love you learn to give to yourself through this experience, and everyone and everything attached to you will thank you for taking the time to pour into you.


30 Days of Life-Changing Love begins on November 1, 2019 and ends on December 1, 2019. Registration closes on October 27, 2019. Limited spots are available. Total investment in your personal development : $147.00 (payment plan available). You can take this course from anywhere in the world! You only need an email address and access to the internet to participate.

30 Days of Life-Changing Love is For Women Who Want to:

  • Take back control over your happiness and success.

  • Upgrade your mindset, habits, and lifestyle.

  • Discover or rediscover your true identity.

  • Build or restore your self-confidence.

  • Find your purpose and gain greater appreciation for your divine life.

  • Realize the power within you to create and manifest your best life.

  • Learn essential daily self-care techniques that will lead to attracting healthier relationships and more extraordinary opportunities.

  • Learn how to make time to care for both yourself and others.

  • Stretch yourself out of your uncomfortable comfort zone and get in alignment with your highest good to live a more comfortable, productive, and fulfilled life.

  • Refill your cup and get in a better position to win.

  • Connect and grow with a group of women who are also focused on their personal development.

30 Days of Life-Changing Love Includes:

  • 30 Days of Life-Changing Love notebook (delivered to your mailing address at least 2 days before the course begins).

  • Lessons, assignments, and challenges sent to your email on Monday’s, Wednesday’s, and Friday’s.

  • Weekly online group empowerment coaching sessions (60 minutes each).

  • Daily affirmations sent by text to your cell phone.

  • Certificate of completion with special gift (delivered to your mailing address 5-7 business days after the course ends).